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Destro nerd rage

Apparently Fight on the Flag and Temporal Space is being blamed for a recent rash of Destruction members quitting the game. Many of these posts were made Sunday and Monday (visit to see for yourself). (Edited to add direct links to posts: We reap what we sow, canceled, FOTF/TS moved to Phoenix Throne read some of the hate in that one)

It was too much for one Destruction member to take. Visit the official forums here.

I am ashamed to admit that I read his post to guildies in vent, at times laughing so hard that I couldn’t even speak.

Destro tried multiple attempts to counter the bomb teams.  Spreading out, hunting the healers, and silencing.  All to no avail.  Cave BOs were massacres.  I believe they took out 2 warbands at one point.

My guess is they didn’t try coordination and teamwork, getting on vent and using an assist train. You can’t try these tactics once, lose a few times and then decide it doesn’t work. It requires discipline and teamwork to initiate.


This is a terrible picture of the end of a seriously epic fight where we had six players against more than a warband of Destruction. Initially they were in the cave at the East BO in Thunder Mountain. They were just leaving the cave when we rolled in. We were dead if not for a very very lucky res by Organdonar. He died right as I got the res, and I hid and ressed him, and from there we got everyone up.

At the end of the fight, the adrenalin was pumping so hard through my body I was literally shaking. I think it was one of the best fights we’ve ever had in Warhammer.

Would we have been able to do this without communication? Hell no! If Destruction were halfway organized we would have failed then, too.

Instead of them working together, they are ragequitting over something they can easily prevent. Fight on the Flag has been working together for 10 years or more in some cases. You can’t overcome that with a three times our numbers in a PUG warband that’s tab targetting the nearest thing to you.


I want to be respectful to our enemies, but it’s hard sometimes when they put forth nearly no effort and cry so much about losing (Hellfish, Turmoil and Tempered Ignorance as the exception of course). I guess the sooner Destro leaves Gorfang the sooner we get our merger, right?

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Lockblocking 101

Fighting over the weekend, especially Saturday, was awesome. Destro really wanted to get into Land of the Dead, but Flags in Space wouldn’t let them! Rumbles at the Battlefield Objectives were pretty good for our tiny server:


Several times we attacked the Destruction in Praag. Most of the time we were repelled by their sheer numbers. This is how fighting should be all of the time. I did take a video of a small fight. I would post more videos but the view from my Archmage is pretty boring.

Sunday we explored Land of the Dead. The officers talked and we discussed how much we want to be chasing gear vs fighting Destruction. Initially we chased gear because we were getting flat-out owned. But now, we seem to do just fine against Destro. We decided that we only want to chase gear when there is no fighting going on (usually early on Saturday/Sunday).

Personally the little I’ve seen of the Tyrant set, I really want it for my Archmage. But the bosses don’t drop the pieces every time /sigh. I really wish Mythic would realize that most people who play this game for PVP do not want to do endless equipment grinds. A few of our members have been running Lost Vale since our very first attempt, and they only need one piece to finish their set.

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After a whole week at work I finally got to PVP with the guys Friday. When PVP is hopping I really love this game. Unfortunately what we would consider action is barely a blip on a larger server’s radar.


(Above is a screenshot of Perle getting RR 70)

We had some good fights in Praag. I wish I had Fraps running for some of those fights. It almost felt like that scene in the Matrix where Neo gets attacked by all those agents and they keep coming.

A few of our members announced they are quitting the game. However, I have faith that the game will be rescued. For one, Mark Jacobs has left Mythic, which has been merged with Bioware. I am not sure if that means the game is going to change rapidly or not. But there are some encouraging signs  in a recent producers letter (it takes a while to load sometimes because lots are reading it).

One item that caught my eye, given the recent campaign to try to get Mythic to merge our server, is this passage:

Another area where we frequently receive feedback is population. Whether in terms of Realm balance or overall server population, this continues to be a very important issue for us. We’re looking at some fairly radical approaches on how to best bring the population together. We want to ensure everyone is having fun, but we need to do so in such a way that further imbalances aren’t created overnight as we have seen in the past. There are a lot of ideas on the table, but your satisfaction is our top concern.

It will be interesting to see how they address population in future patches. I am looking forward to PVP changes to city and fortress assaults.

What are your thoughts? Post in the comments below.

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Land of the Dead PQ and boss guides

Just an FYI for all of you running LOTD while Perle works nights this week.

The guide, written by Jistabell on the Warhammer Alliance forums, is comprehensive from both Order and Destruction sides. Hopefully by the time I log in Friday evening, some of the bugs will have been worked out.

If you care about lore for the Tomb Kings (I don’t), then read here. Bestiary and tomb unlocks here, and boss strategies for Tomb of the Vulture Lord here.

Enjoy the PVE while I’m gone for the week.

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Merge Gorfang please

Check out a post on Warhammer Blog Times by Eyeball. Watch his PVP video in Praag. Watching this fight looks SOO fun! And it makes me so mad that we cannot have this on Gorfang Borefang. I really feel like we are missing out. I watch this video in awe and jealousy.


This is a screenshot of the RVR action at Noon, Saturday, Pacific time. Notice there are no crossed swords? Yeah, me too. I could understand if this were on a weekday, even a weekday evening. But at noon on a weekend?

PVP should not be like this!

Mythic: Please merge this server with another one. Even though you think this is an even population, the RVR is stagnant! People are quitting left and right because there is nothing going on. I’m so tired of playing “Where’s Waldo” with the Destruction.

A few of our members are already on the verge of quitting. The only thing keeping us together is the community Fight on the Flag has built over nearly a decade.

As Crissy in Fight on the Flag said, Mythic made this game for PVP. When there is no PVP, what do you do?

If there is zerg fighting at least you have options: Scenarios, fight the supply lines, try to bait people into small areas. With nobody fighting, you can log, go hang at the mall, get your hair done, finish that root canal, or *shudder* go to a chick flick with your girlfriend. Nobody wants to play Doorhammer.

A few months back, Fight on the Flag rolled on Skull Throne for when the fights here were so bad. We toughed it out for a couple of weeks. But in the end, we decided to return to Gorfang Order because we figured Mythic would merge us eventually.

Obviously this hasn’t happened. My Archmage is nearly rank 70. She would probably be 80 by now if we had more than occasional RVR.

Order and Destruction of Gorfang: Do you agree with this assessment? I know we had tried to start a campaign to merge this server a while ago (official Mythic forum link). The thread has died down and it almost seems as though we have given up. More than 100 people liked that thread enough to star it.

I would like to do another humourous video. All are welcome to participate. I only ask that you try to get the stopwatch from the Rise of the Tomb Kings quest. Other sections of the plot will be written this week, and hopefully I can Fraps some video this coming weekend.

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When the PVP is good, it’s awesome, but…

PVP this weekend was very off and on. We didn’t have any action Saturday until well after noon. Sunday in the morning, we thwarted what I think was a Destruction attempt to push zones in preparation for a later city push. They had a couple (or more) warbands out.

praagfightsIt was a lot of fun in Praag fighting in the middle and at the graveyard. The only problem is the fights would be awesome for maybe an hour, then Destro would leave and go hide for a few hours. This was great for our guild rank because we started powerleveling necessary alts. But it was terrible for morale.

Our high points were really high. One fight on Sunday, we had seven people near the east keep in Caledor. Destruction was headed toward the East BO maybe? I forget why they were there, but we wiped them with our seven people. Nobody else was around.


After that, they came back again and again. We used the terrain to our advantage, and I hugged trees and rocks to stay away from those pesky Squig Herders.


We then made the tactical mistake of getting impatient and chasing one group. We got sandwiched by another warband that had been hiding in the keep.

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Compiled list of Land of the Dead guides!

It’s finally here, the long-awaited Land of the Dead. But we have to wait a week or two, depending on who wins the resources race. The side that wins the race, Order or Destruction, gets unfettered access to Land of the Dead for an entire week.


You know what this means? Destruction or Order is going to be sooo bored for an entire week while the other side frolics in LotD.

In any case, here are some links to get you moving:

A superb Live Event guide by Gaarawarr Gabs. This link includes a rundown of everything you must do to complete the live event, pictures to show you what airship parts look like, stuff about the Reikland Factory scenario that I didn’t know:

Also, when the scenario is won, you get the Desert Madness buff which increases your Renown and XP gains by 5% for 30 minutes.  Good times.

This guide will also include the location of an Easter Egg, but people haven’t found it yet.

Once we actually get inside Land of the Dead, here is a beastiary by Gaarawarr Gabs, which includes what mobs drop tome tactic fragments.

Warhammer Blog Times also has a guide for boss strats in Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Sigil explanation guide, again by Gaarawarr Gabs (maybe Syven won’t have to keep telling us wtf it means). The meat of the post:

The Sigils and their Unlock Requirements

Each Ward has five fragments and each fragment has one or more ways to unlock it.  You do not have to do all of the tasks listed, just one.

Finally, I am suspicious of how this patch and content will affect RVR. I fear this will make RVR a constant RVE fest, because everyone will want to be in Land of the Dead.

Here are some concerns posted by Warhammer Alliance member Anglakhel. She (or he) went into the test server to try out the new content. The only problem was, nobody else was really there.

The PTS, however, was completely unequipped and unprepared to test out these two dimensions of the Expedition Resources Quest. Player Kills were almost impossible. Once one side had control of the Land of the Dead, they all abandoned the RvR lakes to explore the news lands. The consequence of this was that the faction without LotD control didn’t have any enemies to kill and the Expedition Resources Quest failed to advance in any meaningful way.

Without player kills, the Expedition Resource Quest depends upon zone capture to generate resources. However, the PTS didn’t have an established group of guilds with the Rank, Resources and Standard Bearers to claim Keeps and lock down zones.

So basically what we have is a live testing environment. Let’s try to bear with these changes. I still think Warhammer is the best PVP for me, but only because of the strength of our guild.

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First Fort take since patch 2.1!

I know this was a little late, but I had work Sunday and Monday. I’m jotting this down before I head in today.

Sunday morning Flags in Space (our alliance) logged in to find the zones were all pushed up against the Destro forts. Hum. Did someone try to push this morning and not tell us? Turns out, everyone else didn’t know of an organized effort either.

So we made one. Illthala and crew pushed Black Crag, while Flags in Space claimed BOs in Chaos Wastes and Caledor.

Soon after, we got tells thanking us for our “sacrifice” of missing the fort fight in Black Crag.

As I tried to stifle my laughter at being praised for missing yet another rousing round of Doorhammer Online, we focused on preventing Destro from taking BOs. As predicted, Destro stayed in BC to get their phat, phat lewt and we took The Maw nearly undefended. We had a warband and a half, so I think that’s a pretty good accomplishment.


Next we headed to Caledor. I admit I called a push prematurely, before everyone knew the strategy we were using. Our second push was much better, and we almost got it. We came away with some good ideas for next time.

Here is the thread praising Order by Destro. Here, Jestor is happy at the teamwork we exhibited.

Regarding the Land of the Dead, I am not terribly excited about it. I’ll post something about that tomorrow.

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Welcome to Doorhammer!

After a long break, mostly due to work and creating the following content, I am now back with an exciting post for a new mini-game based on Mythic’s Warhammer came.

Now presenting: Doorhammer Online: Age of Carpentry!

Do you like to fall asleep due to the boredom of capturing keeps? Do you go AFK while you make your 5-year-old push the button for fireball over and over? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then check out Doorhammer Online!


Watch the exciting trailer for the newest chapter in Mythic’s epic adventure! If RVR contains too much excitement for your tastes, then you’ll love the excitement of Realm vs Door that Doorhammer Online affords your playstyle!

(Watch in HQ)

YouTube Preview Image

I realize on most populated servers, doors probably go down in less than five minutes. During one run at a keep, it took one warband of people only on the door (the other warband was guarding posterns) roughly 30 minutes to down the doors.

Andora says it best at about 39 seconds in: “It’s so boring!”

There have been many calls for Mythic to merge Gorfang to a more populated server. Blazeric, another Gorfang blogger, has also called for a server merge. Consider this another.

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