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Warcamper title, fun fights and more!

There was so much PVP this weekend that I didn’t have time to post. Well, except Sunday morning. Needless to say, our guild achieved another Warhammer first: The Warcamper title!


Yes, I realize that the title is not actually in game yet, but I feel with coaxing, taking over a Warcamp will be recognized by Mythic in some fashion. A Warcamper title would be just the incentive!

Order also had some really pathetic Fortress pushes this weekend. No screenshots yet (we are working on a special project to be unveiled to Mythic after a team member makes a logo).


In other news, the PVP we found was fast and furious. We rolled with mostly FOTF members and Temporal Space.


Of course, other warbands tend to follow us when we are on a roll:


We left a trail of dead Destruction in our wake.


We didn’t win all of our fights, though. Many times when we fought twice our number or more, we did fail.


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Awesome, amazing PVP weekend

I cannot be more happy with the state of Gorfang than I am right now. The Destruction have returned in force and there are some amazing fights to be had. I only wish my commute didn’t suck (1 hour each way) so I could PVP more :(

View the following screenshots as an example of the fights we were in Sunday (click for higher resolution).

The first two are from two separate attacks on the north Battlefield Objective in Reikland, one from a defense and another from an assault where we are defending from the Destro trying to take it back.

The second two pictures are when 2-3 groups of Order took the far east BO in Caledor and defended against a seemingly insurmountable force of Destruction. They just kept coming and that fight lasted at least 10 minutes, based on my timers from using action point potions. That was an incredibly epic fight.

Destruction succeeded in taking two fortresses at once and entered Altdorf for the first time. Congratulations! (Though the first take was marred by the buggy Fortress lord in Reikwald, d’oh!)

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Defend the Gatehouse!

Last night was easily the most fun I’ve ever had in an MMO to date. What began as an attempt to take Covenant of Flame became an epic battle that lasted more than an hour.

Earlier I started a group of people who wanted to play Nordenwatch. Then another Nordenwatch premade wanted to join us so we could RVR together. Soon I had a three-group warband. We went to Covenant of Flame and joined Bolimor’s warband (I think Deer had a small group also).

That’s when the fun started.

We soon discovered that Destro’s defenses were too great and the doors were too heavy to pound down in the short amount of time we had left before the outer door would close.

We retreated, killed some Destro, then advanced and opened the Center Keep door (all the while another group opened the door that just closed behind us). The tank wall was too solid, and Bolimor and I decided to bring our groups to the gatehouse. (About then our LV crew joined us.)


It took a while for Destro to break our tank walls, but not before many of us gained a realm rank or two (I gained something around 10 percent in 62).


Destro stride in over Order's dead corpses.


A view of the battle map shortly before the Gatehouse fell.


Surely this is what the game designers intended.

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Why run? You only die tired.

I think some people tend to forget that in a video game, you don’t die IRL. Why else would people be afraid to stand and fight Destro?


Case in point, the above Order player, whose name has been changed to protect the innocent for humerous effect, suggested I bring my warband somewhere else because we couldn’t flip Chaos Wastes (I know this was last weekend, but I’ve been slow on posting because RL suddenly got real busy).

But believe it or not, some people actually like doing something other than trying to stay awake and fight NPCs at battle objectives:


Yes, it’s true! Even Thursday morning, I was playing my White Lion and noticed Destro and Order avoiding each other on purpose. They both capped BOs in the same zone at the same time and then didn’t even try to fight each other. Here’s a hint: You get more renown by killing people than waiting on that tick. I know, I know, hard to believe.

Does anyone play this game for the RVE?

Finally, a screenshot from a ways back from an awesome fight in Caledor.


Good fights all. That Destro clump was formidable!

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