Ugh, nevermind

Some people have persistence in the face of extreme boredom.

Fight on the Flag does not, at least not enough to powerlevel our guild rank for 12+ days to get to rank 37.


After about five hours of powerleveling only the people in the guild, we earned a mere 22 percent of a guild rank. Somehow we thought it would go faster. So anyway, if we booted you from the guild in an effort to try to raise our guild rank, send anyone in guild tell and we can invite you.

(Note: I wasn’t actually on for this effort, so if you have questions someone else will have to answer them.)

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2 Responses to “Ugh, nevermind”

  1. Grimnir Says:

    There’s really no difference with the amount of people you actually have IN the guild from what I’ve seen, but rather the amount of people you have online at any given time. Also, T4 PQ’s are the way to go with all R40′s provided you can get kills fast and frequent. I recommend Da Smashin’ Pit in Black Crag for a group of 4-6 (bring scavengers).

    In other less related news, I featured you on my weekly WCPI promo. Cheers!

  2. Bob Says:

    To PL you guild:

    Claim one keep in t4, dunno if it has to be same zone as the PQ
    Farm a high level, lots of mobs PQ like the slayer one
    Kick all that are not directly participating in the PQ and keep them kicked until they participate

    This is the best way. Give it a go, I promise you’ll be shocked.