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Kicked from the guild? Here’s why

As posted in our forums, we are about to try to level our guild to 37. We want the fast mounts because they do make a bit of a difference.

That means we are kicking everyone from the guild who is not either leveling, doing Lost Vale or city dungeons, or is the guild leader.

In theory this will level our guild faster. The people who have been kicked from guild will join Temporal Space to remain in alliance chat and also to help level their guild slightly while we embark on this endeavor. Currently we are at rank 31.


When Fight on the Flag is finished leveling, we will switch and those who are getting powerleveled will join TS and everyone else will join FOTF.

Questions, suggestions or comments? Visit the forums and let us know!

If you are a former guildie interested in returning to the game, now is a good time. But before you resubscribe, please send an e-mail to fightontheflag [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com so I can get you a free 10-day trial (and get credit for a griffon mount).

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