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Ultimate Dragonwake ORVR fight

I’ve been playing around with Fraps quite a lot lately. Here is another fight from May 17, where FOTF, TS and some other folks ran to look for the Destro zerg. And boy, did we find them!

What followed was a fight from the big bridge in Dragonwake all the way to the Destruction warcamp. The fight actually lasted about seven minutes, but I compressed the entire thing down to three. Enjoy!

(Watch this video in HQ mode.)

YouTube Preview Image

Such an intense, crazy fight!

On another note, FOTS (as we now call the combination of Fight on the Flag and Temporal Space) has been avoiding keep assaults. We timed how long it took for us to get through the first and second doors of a rank four keep: nearly half an hour. That was with two warbands banging on the door.

By the way, no new videos until I get a special project completed. Hopefully I will have more word of said project in the coming week.

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