Server merge for Gorfang please!

There’s been a lot of discussion about cross-realm scenarios, especially from underpopulated realms. Gorfang does happen to be one of those realms, unfortunately. And while FOTF and TS tends to find our fun, it would be nice to find action at any hour of the day or night.

If you think we should have server moves, head over to the official warhammer forums and kudos Ironholden’s post.

I think eventually they will merge the servers, and I figure it’s probably a better idea to merge us sooner rather than later so we can catch up to the rest of the player base.

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One Response to “Server merge for Gorfang please!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Agreed, a merger would be totally awesome. I just came back to the game after 4 months and it is a ghost town compared to what it use to be. My toons are also unavailble for a server transfer, so I ended up starting a new toon on a more populated server.