FotFail: BO failure last weekend

I thought I’d also show the failures of our RVR attempts. Sunday in Chaos Wastes, we were trying to prevent a BO capture. Problem was, we were in the far south of the zone when it was taken, and the BO was to the north. We decided to try to kill Destro anyway, even though we wouldn’t get the cap. (Click HQ for high quality.)

YouTube Preview Image

Ugh, nine verses at least a warband. That was really painful.

For those of you on Twitter, I wanted to let you know that Fight on the Flag now has a Twitter account. Actually, we started it a long time ago, back when we started the game, and haven’t used it since. I plan to use TweetDeck to follow other Warhammer tweeters.

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2 Responses to “FotFail: BO failure last weekend”

  1. Karen Says:

    I love reading your posts and seeing the vidoes, this is one site that has kept me in game for this long. Keep up the good work, I can see light at the end of the tunnel (lol)!

    Oh, I also put this site on my blog as one that I follow! =D
    C ya ingame …

  2. Perle Says:

    Ah thanks for the praise Karen! I really like this game and my writing is a reflection of the fun we have.