Warcamper title, fun fights and more!

There was so much PVP this weekend that I didn’t have time to post. Well, except Sunday morning. Needless to say, our guild achieved another Warhammer first: The Warcamper title!


Yes, I realize that the title is not actually in game yet, but I feel with coaxing, taking over a Warcamp will be recognized by Mythic in some fashion. A Warcamper title would be just the incentive!

Order also had some really pathetic Fortress pushes this weekend. No screenshots yet (we are working on a special project to be unveiled to Mythic after a team member makes a logo).


In other news, the PVP we found was fast and furious. We rolled with mostly FOTF members and Temporal Space.


Of course, other warbands tend to follow us when we are on a roll:


We left a trail of dead Destruction in our wake.


We didn’t win all of our fights, though. Many times when we fought twice our number or more, we did fail.


This was taken shortly before our death.

Of the memorable fights we had this weekend, I’d say the fights in Praag and Chaos Wastes were the best. Unfortunately I did not take many screenshots of them because I was making sure my team lived.


Usually when I take screenshots we are either on the verge of winning, just coming upon our enemy or have already miserably lost.


Destro put up a good fight this weekend, and I am hoping for more of the same this coming weekend.

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