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Why run? You only die tired.

I think some people tend to forget that in a video game, you don’t die IRL. Why else would people be afraid to stand and fight Destro?


Case in point, the above Order player, whose name has been changed to protect the innocent for humerous effect, suggested I bring my warband somewhere else because we couldn’t flip Chaos Wastes (I know this was last weekend, but I’ve been slow on posting because RL suddenly got real busy).

But believe it or not, some people actually like doing something other than trying to stay awake and fight NPCs at battle objectives:


Yes, it’s true! Even Thursday morning, I was playing my White Lion and noticed Destro and Order avoiding each other on purpose. They both capped BOs in the same zone at the same time and then didn’t even try to fight each other. Here’s a hint: You get more renown by killing people than waiting on that tick. I know, I know, hard to believe.

Does anyone play this game for the RVE?

Finally, a screenshot from a ways back from an awesome fight in Caledor.


Good fights all. That Destro clump was formidable!

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