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Ugh, nevermind

Some people have persistence in the face of extreme boredom.

Fight on the Flag does not, at least not enough to powerlevel our guild rank for 12+ days to get to rank 37.


After about five hours of powerleveling only the people in the guild, we earned a mere 22 percent of a guild rank. Somehow we thought it would go faster. So anyway, if we booted you from the guild in an effort to try to raise our guild rank, send anyone in guild tell and we can invite you.

(Note: I wasn’t actually on for this effort, so if you have questions someone else will have to answer them.)

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Kicked from the guild? Here’s why

As posted in our forums, we are about to try to level our guild to 37. We want the fast mounts because they do make a bit of a difference.

That means we are kicking everyone from the guild who is not either leveling, doing Lost Vale or city dungeons, or is the guild leader.

In theory this will level our guild faster. The people who have been kicked from guild will join Temporal Space to remain in alliance chat and also to help level their guild slightly while we embark on this endeavor. Currently we are at rank 31.


When Fight on the Flag is finished leveling, we will switch and those who are getting powerleveled will join TS and everyone else will join FOTF.

Questions, suggestions or comments? Visit the forums and let us know!

If you are a former guildie interested in returning to the game, now is a good time. But before you resubscribe, please send an e-mail to fightontheflag [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com so I can get you a free 10-day trial (and get credit for a griffon mount).

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Holy Moly, Bright Wizard pwnage

This reinforces my thought that one of our Bright Wizards should be running Fraps instead of me.

Watch this video from the guild Exodus on an EU server from the perspective of a RR74 BW. Great music, awesome fights.

Watch more videos of Warhammer Online

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Ultimate Dragonwake ORVR fight

I’ve been playing around with Fraps quite a lot lately. Here is another fight from May 17, where FOTF, TS and some other folks ran to look for the Destro zerg. And boy, did we find them!

What followed was a fight from the big bridge in Dragonwake all the way to the Destruction warcamp. The fight actually lasted about seven minutes, but I compressed the entire thing down to three. Enjoy!

(Watch this video in HQ mode.)

YouTube Preview Image

Such an intense, crazy fight!

On another note, FOTS (as we now call the combination of Fight on the Flag and Temporal Space) has been avoiding keep assaults. We timed how long it took for us to get through the first and second doors of a rank four keep: nearly half an hour. That was with two warbands banging on the door.

By the way, no new videos until I get a special project completed. Hopefully I will have more word of said project in the coming week.

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Server merge for Gorfang please!

There’s been a lot of discussion about cross-realm scenarios, especially from underpopulated realms. Gorfang does happen to be one of those realms, unfortunately. And while FOTF and TS tends to find our fun, it would be nice to find action at any hour of the day or night.

If you think we should have server moves, head over to the official warhammer forums and kudos Ironholden’s post.

I think eventually they will merge the servers, and I figure it’s probably a better idea to merge us sooner rather than later so we can catch up to the rest of the player base.

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Thinking of returning? Get a free trial!

Do my posts inspire you to resubscribe to the game? Are you interested in pounding Destro into the sands of Serpent’s Passage? Or are you trying the game for the first time? Please let me know!


We had a guildie return to the game after a really long time away. Unfortunately I didn’t know about it and I was unable to send him a free, 10-day trial.

I admit, this post is made purely for selfish reasons. If I recruit six people I get a griffon mount, and they look wicked cool.

So if you are interested in a 10-day free trial, just put a comment in this thread, using a real e-mail address, and I will send you one. Be patient. I don’t check my e-mail constantly. Give me a day or so and you will have it.

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FotFail: BO failure last weekend

I thought I’d also show the failures of our RVR attempts. Sunday in Chaos Wastes, we were trying to prevent a BO capture. Problem was, we were in the far south of the zone when it was taken, and the BO was to the north. We decided to try to kill Destro anyway, even though we wouldn’t get the cap. (Click HQ for high quality.)

YouTube Preview Image

Ugh, nine verses at least a warband. That was really painful.

For those of you on Twitter, I wanted to let you know that Fight on the Flag now has a Twitter account. Actually, we started it a long time ago, back when we started the game, and haven’t used it since. I plan to use TweetDeck to follow other Warhammer tweeters.

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South KV keep defense

Thought I would throw up another video of FOTF/TS taking down two warbands of Destruction at the south keep in Kadrin Valley. This was one of those ultimate Warhammer moments I will never forget. (Click HQ to view in high quality.)

YouTube Preview Image

Khaevil was talking in this, but unfortunately I had him muted (we are in the same room after all).

I was really skeptical that we would win this fight, and yet we did. Look at all of the Destruction! I am pretty sure we were the only people there. If we weren’t there was maybe a handful of Order with us. Great teamwork all around!

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Garrison of Skulls ambush

Here’s a short video from a fight in Praag. We heard a warband of Destro was attacking the north keep in Praag, Garrison of Skulls. We came up behind them and ambushed them. (Use HQ mode.)

YouTube Preview Image

That’s Organdonar who accidentally punted the group of them away. Oops! I Like how he was all casual “Who did that?”

Tons of fun fights last weekend. Sunday we had an awesome, rolling six-minute fight from the big bridge in Dragonwake down to the Destro warcamp. I’ll edit that footage down to two minutes or so and post it later.

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Keep doors and Perle’s first PVP video!

Yesterday’s PVP wasn’t too bad. Granted, the doors in our path are so high-level that it literally takes us an hour to get through two of them. It’s getting to be ridiculous.


Realm vs. Door is an entirely new kind of fight. It’s filled with long stretches of boredom and periodic killing.


Anyway, here’s a video of some of the PVP action. This was from a short fight (about 3-4 minutes) at Chillwind Manor after we got tired of trying to bash the doors down.

I should mention there were just seven members in the group (you can see from the video in my Squared interface). I am guessing there were at least three groups of Destro in Chillwind (someone had a mod that said about 22 Destro were at the BO).

YouTube Preview Image

(Click the HQ button for higher quality)

I apologize for the spliced video clips in there (there are three). I only have the trial version of Fraps, which only allows 30-second clips. We actually almost wiped at one point, but because me lying on the ground staring at a wall is boring I did not include that clip.

Feeback on my video capturing is welcome. My feedback to the Destro: Don’t go AFK at a Battlefield Objective!

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