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Quick review of patch 1.2.1

For the most part the patch has been good to us. Destro came out in force last night and we are very happy about that.


We had a merry time chasing Destro in Dragonwake. FOTF guarded objectives. Here we are defending Fireguard. I would guess it was an even fight, numbers wise, with FOTF’s two groups and another half warband against Destro’s full WB. The only way I could have been happier is if a scenario had popped. None did in the two hours I was online.

But not all are happy, Bright Wizards to name one. It appears during certain situations, the BW spell Rain of Fire does zero damage. That’s right, zero. Read all about it on the Bright Wizard forums.

I tested and confirmed this last night on the test server, and indeed as I expected, when more than one BW target the same enemy at the same time with RoF, only one of the BW does damage. The other BW does a grand total of 0 damage, but still wastes his AP and time, and gets to wait 10 more sec before being able to cast again (assuming he isn’t running in the conflag line, and therefore doesn’t have Fiery Reserves.

The thread is seven pages long, with lots of whining and little constructive information (to be fair I stopped after page three). I don’t think it was ever intended for BWs to do zero damage when two of them targeted the same people (remember, ROF is a ground target spell. Who you target should make little difference).

Here are the thoughts of Gorfangers… Gorfangians… Gorfangstons? on the new patch.

I will reserve my judgment until this weekend. Also we’re going to do some Lost Vale runs early in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. If non-FOTFers want to join in we might be able to form a second group.

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Welcome to T4, new Destro. Now DIE!

OMG Tier 2 was not happening at all on Skull Throne. Riamin instead checked Gorfang and for once, there was a significant Destro force running around. Woo!

But just as we logged in, we found our alliance warband was leaving the zone. Boo! They said there were too many Destro to fight. It makes me wonder if any of them remember how we fought when the server was new, Destro was overpopulated and Order was demoralized?


My bright idea to attack them when they were in the tunnel didn’t go as well as I planned. Instead we rushed to the north keep to take it. We waited for a minute or so, and once I thought they were well on their way to Gromril Junction, we started in on the door.

The Destro took Gromril Junction and we continued working on the door, sweating as the timer on the battlefield objective ticked down. Meanwhile I was trying to get the alliance warband to return. They showed up when the door was about 10 percent and we started in on the second door (at this point the keep flagged for the first time. Bug maybe?).


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Skull Throne report: Tier 2

Saturday and Sunday were the first two days I really had to play in T2. Mostly before, I was PVEing during the week before work. Mornings are never a good time to find action. Order did not disappoint. We had a group-and-a-half of Fight on the Flag queueing together for much of the day Sunday.

It was such a blast!


Fighting on the flag in Phoenix Gate

And on some occasions, we managed to get nine of our guildies in the same scenario! Sorry Order, I felt sorry for some of you guys. You definitely put up a great fight.


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Join us on Skull Throne (for now)

Doing our part to reduce the Gorfang/Order population.

Because of the dwindling quality of RVR on Gorfang, Fight on the Flag is temporarily rolling alts on Skull Throne/Destruction. We love playing our characters on Gorfang, and the Order team there is great. However, anytime we fight in RVR it seems the Destro are always woefully outnumbered.

We do know that there are more Destro level 40 accounts than Order. Why Destro opts not to play I am not sure. In any case, we feel the only way to promote balance and help the Destro is by not PVPing there. Many of us had taken to rolling alts anyway. We figured if we were going to roll more alts, we would switch servers. That way if the RVR continues to suck on Gorfang we at least have a backup plan.

Now, if there is quality RVR on Gorfang, we would like to be there for it. Order folks who know our Vent information are welcome to come into the channel and ask for us to show up.

If anyone wants to join us on Skull Throne/Destro, please do so (even Destro if you want to play with some laid back and cool people). We picked Skull Throne specifically for the reasons why we wish more people would pick Gorfang/Destruction: They need the help of an organizing force and there are a lot of people of the opposite faction to kill.

So far the action has not been too disappointing. The Tier 1 scenarios have been popping like crazy, except for a couple of hours so far. After a brief unscientific poll, it appears Tier 4 scenarios are also frequently manned.

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