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FOTF Completes PVE Content

N’Kari Keeper of Secrets defeated!

Congratulations to FOTF, we finally finished Lost Vale! Not that it was that hard, really, as long as we had at least four wards. This was our third or fourth foray into the zone. Our first attempts were made before our tanks had 5/5 wards. Unfortunately during the previous two runs, we had two Slayer pieces drop, one before the class was even in the game. To everyone’s disappointment, I managed to get 5/6 of my Darkpromise set. I was personally hoping for a Bright Wizard chest because ours doesn’t have his Sentinel piece yet.

The encounter took us about two hours to learn, and if you include the 10-minute run back to the encounter (until we figured out how to reset it) that’s not too bad.

Anyway, enough of that PVE crap. We also took the Inevitable City again. This will make it three for Order, zero for Destruction.

After sacking the statue area.

 We had a good group, but unfortunately we did not have the tanks to complete the second stage. We did confirm that we can tank the hero with a 5/5 Sentinal-warded tank. Unfortunately the only tank there with the wards was Andora. At least we learned something.

On the leader boards, as of Monday morning Grilar got #1 renown for the week in Engineers, bringing him to #9 of all time.

Finally a /wave report, which we haven’t had in a really long time.

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Inevitable City!

Woo hoo! Good job Order! We took two fortresses within hours of each other, and it was a great effort. Both attempts went very smoothly. And we know what that means: We were able to siege the Inevitable City!

I admit I knew nothing about city sieges. Absolutely nothing. So when my warband zoned in, we had no clue what was going on, but I saw two nodes on the map that we were supposed to take. Off we went to secure those areas.

Word to the wise: when you first zone into IC, the warband leader has a choice of instances to pick through. For your sanity, please coordinate with another warband that knows WTF it’s doing and pick the same instance! That would have saved us a TON of heartache last night.

While my warband tried, we could not overcome the suckiness of the other warband, which was full of level 30-36 players.

(Side note: MYTHIC why do you allow anyone who is not capable of wearing the upper tier gear to siege the city? Those guards obliterated the Order who did not have the right equipment. Either fix the guards or up the level requirement, please!)

The warband leader, who shall remain nameless on this blog, refused to communicate to my warband, refused to recruit more players to his/her warband and did not talk with people who were in his/her warband (I know this because people from that warband came to vent because they were frustrated they were getting no answers from their leader). He put me on ignore when I asked a few pointed questions, such as “why do you only have a group and a half in your warband” and “could you please coordinate with my other warband leader so we can win a scenario?”


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