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Belated Fortress report, leaderboards and /wave report

The Destruction’s attempt to siege the Fortress was pretty fun. I had never been on a Fortress defense before, so I probably played too conservatively. Apparently the guards worked the Destro hard because many players didn’t have the proper gear.

Here is the Destro attacking Pelgorath’s BO in Dragonwake.

They tried one push and disappeared. After the Fortress siege ended, the Destro near immediately capped all of the keeps and Battle Objectives in Dragonwake. It was smart and coordinated.

Leaderboards and /wave report below.


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Epic keep defense

Saturday the Order capped Eataine and moved the fight back to Dragonwake. Sunday we continued the fray in Dragonwake. There were at least three Order warbands out, and mine was one of them. Click the screenshot for full effect.

I know as the underdog realm we must use strategy. That’s why I employed a new, radical strategy that is sure to help us win more battles.

FOTF started out the night with about a group and a half of people. We refused to admit anyone into the warband unless they were a healer, a tank, or brought one of those classes with them. I’m sure I ruffled a few feathers, but the wins we accumulated were worth the ire. We were unstoppable.

Now this is not to say that I won’t res or heal people outside of the warband, because I do. I support the realm. But I think the best way to support the realm is with a balanced warband. Would anyone PVE with an unbalanced group? Why should we PVP with any less?

The screenshots on which the above montage is based were the culmination of three attempts by Destro to take our keep (which they finally did at 12:30 a.m. Pacific time)

I hope Order will continue to support the balanced warband.

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Ready to PVP again, watch out Destro!

In the past two weeks there has been a mind-numbing amount of PVE in this guild. We’ve leveled up a new KOTBS and a new Bright Wizard. Each time we do this I swear I am never doing it again, and each time someone asks, I help anyway. When will I ever learn!

I wish this montage could adequately express the boredom.

Needless to say we are more than ready to PVP again. Look for FOTF in scenarios and, my favorite, open RVR. We goofed off earlier this week by choosing our own objective in scenarios: kill a random person over and over again.

If deaths > killing blows, we win.

We won’t do this all the time, but it’s more fun than carrying the part. Leaderboards are again down. We wouldn’t have much to report anyway since we haven’t PVPd much in the past week.

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AE grinding our KOTBS to the top!

Not much RVR to report this weekend. Instead, we were powerleveling our new Knight of the Blazing Sun: Riamin. Riamin used to play Pylith, and so Saaz, who was a Swordmaster, is now playing a Bright, Khaevil.

The recent patch that created the KOTBS left Saaz/Khaevil wondering why even have a Swordmaster? He already sat in the back lines guarding the Brights and other squishy targets. So instead, Pylith is going to be guard bot and Khaevil will do rDPS.

Anyway, here is a screen of our group effort to level Riamin and Khaevil:

This was in chapter 12 of Avelorn. Riamin and Khaevil were in one group and myself and Organdonar were in the other. Organ and I healed the other two from out of group so they could hog all of the experience and influence.

The PVE was so boring there was hardly any chat on vent (except when Khaevil or Raimin died). Usually we’re a pretty talkative bunch, but not this time. OMG it felt like it was taking forever. I started listening to my Wierd Al collection (White and Nerdy was incredibly appropriate) but stopped at my Garth Brooks “complete hits” CD.

We did PVP when Dworf and Andora were online, but it was only delaying the inevitable. (Grats on 40 sometime this week, Andora.)

By the way, there are, like, no powerleveling guides for AE grinding on the net. What the heck? I’m almost of a mind to create one except I would see the popular places FOTF has come to know and love suddenly become more populated.

Anyway, here’s to hoping that our incredibly tedious boredom will end KOTBS and BW will be leveled to 28 by the weekend so we can do T4 scenarios together.

Herald was down when I tried to look for leaderboards, but it’s just as well. We didn’t PVP for more than four hours anyway.

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