Squig milk and leader boards

This weekend we did a lot of PVP. I have few screenshots to prove it though, save one:

That’s Pylith on the left, in the pink.

The assault was interesting to start. When we got there the outer doors were closed, so we all had to die on NPCs while Nerdgasm ressed us up top. We finished the inner door and tried to go up top, but the few defenders easily wiped us. Oh well, back to Serpent’s Passage with this disturbing report:

Um. I didn’t know squigs were mammals.*shudder*

We did a lot of Serpent’s Passage, and apparently Pylith did so much of it that he crept up on the leaderboards. He got #8 for weekly scenarios won! I should also mention our other leaderboard member: Saaz with 122 guild leaders killed came in at #8 for the week and #8 of all time (fess up, how many of those kills were yourself?).

I would also like to offer a hearty congratulations to everyone for not making headway in any of the PVE whore categories: Defenders (#1 in PQs) and Champions (influence gained). By the way, if you just want to see how you did vs your class, you can click in “sort options” in the upper right. For instance, Saaz was #7 in renown earned by Swordmasters, Organdonar was #5 of Rune Priests,  Pylith is #3 in scenarios won out of Bright Wizards. Perle, as far as I can tell, doesn’t play as much as the other Arch Mages on the server and doesn’t get anything in the top 10. (sadface)

Better luck next week I suppose!

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