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Enemies at the Gate

Saturday our guild participated in its first keep defense. It brought back great memories of our guild in DAOC.

Guild members hold back the Destruction forces in Stonetroll Keep’s courtyard.

Throughout the day we had played in Stonetroll Crossing, another scenario, but for the 12-21 level set. Basically you grab a ball and pacify (and by pacify they mean exterminate) three different troll camps. We decided two of our newer members needed renown gear so we headed toward a keep, which subsequently came under attack.

Timmm, who plays a bright wizard, was initially shy to jump in the middle of the fray, but once we explained that we’d keep him alive throughout the semi-suicidal effort he was more than eager to use his point-blank, area-of-effect spell to down the Destruction forces. When Destruction had the keep’s door down, Timmm jumped in the middle of the ram and we must have killed 20-30 people by ourselves. The entire raid was in full-flee mode after that. We didn’t hold the keep, though, due to overwhelming numbers and a rather disorganized warband. But we did have a great time last night!

Also, please welcome our new members, Vanhellings and Defleshedz!

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For the record, if you want to level while PVPing you should fly to the Chaos vs. Empire zone and queue from there. While the other scenarios are fun, it’s a much longer wait. And so all five of our members have been doing quests in that area to take advantage of the much faster queue times.

So a few days ago, Perle, Saaz, Organdonar and Arle all entered
Nordenwatch together and basically butchered the Chaos forces. It’s not hard to do so with a somewhat organized group. Saaz is a swordmaster, Organ is a runemaster and Arle and I are archmages… Three healers to one tank. They couldn’t even dent Saaz.

Saaz, in white, with Organdonar, Arle and Perle healing.

Unfortunately logic was not the word of the day. Despite our organization, not everyone was on board with our tactics.


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Fight on the Flag: on Gorfang

It looks like only three of us made it to Warhammer after quitting WoW for more than half a year. Saaz, Organdonar and I formed the guild with three others who were generous enough to run all the way down in Altdorf and wait while we figured out how to form the guild. In any case, here’s the picture of the founders (Kyle excepted because he’s somewhere in Texas fixing some Hurricane Ike victim’s electrical systems).

Swordmaster Saaz, Archmage Perle and Runepriest Organdonar

We started out on the Averheim server, but yesterday evening it was nearly full. We decided instead to roll on Gorfang because it was medium/high for Order/Destruction. The blood is just as red on either server.

Pew pew pew!

In this game we can level while we PVP. Even if you’re level one your level gets boosted to level eight while in the scenario. But you’ll be really squishy because you have no gear. Level 11s will kill you fast.

We ran a few games of Eye of the Storm Nordenwatch. There are two other scenarios for low levels, Khaine’s Embrace and Gates of Ekrund, but Nordenwatch seems to queue the fastest.

For new people checking us out, I plan to write these missives more frequently now that the game is out. For what you can expect as far as what we do in this guild, check back to March 2008 and before. Also read the about page, the guild page and the rules.

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Head start begins … now!

Head start begins today, but as for us picking a server, that doesn’t mean much. Why? Because more servers will be created in the coming weeks. Server populations are going to be unsteady and undependable until the bulk of players begin on Sept. 18.

Be patient. Saaz, Organdonar and myself will pick a server with good balance within a week after the game is live to all. Our guild name is not cool enough for someone else to steal it, and unless we are named after Greek gods (cough) then we should be OK in the name department.

Server discussion on this thread in our forums. Please be sure to include the server name and the side you are rolling (order or destruction). Also please get on Vent if you can.

Kanodine, a faithful FOTF member, said he has already rolled a character:

Rolled on Averheim…there was a queue for volkmar. Aveheim so far is the lowest pop core server

However, when Eric and I tried to pick a server, it said destruction is full, and we cannot create a character. I am told Mythic will slowly increase population caps throughout the week.

Also to note, I am no longer going to Kansas, but I am going apartment hunting instead, which means we are moving and will likely be out of commission for a week at some point.

Long story short, be patient. We’ll get to play together soon.

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Server login info to include population levels

A source close to me told me that the server-selection screen includes the following information:

Order Population  |  Destruction Population
       LOW                          LOW

When we pick the server we will reside on, at least we will have that to go on. It might be a couple of days before we have an indication of a well-balanced server, so don’t think that the first server we pick will be the one we stay on forever. Characters are easy to level and it’s easy to switch early on.

In other news, Pylith is headed to the New Orleans area to help with the recovery efforts. If you do not see him online when the game starts, then that’s why. Fortunately hurricane Gustav took a last-minute westward turn, so he may be back sooner than we think.

We’ll keep a spot warm for him though!

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