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Class imbalances: should we play Order?

I’ve always been a big fan of playing the underdog realm. Mind you, not too
underdog. Playing on Mid-Pellinor was rough in DAoC when Mid was only 15 percent of the three-realm server. But according to a poll by the Warhammer Alliance, there is roughly a 60-40 split of Destruction vs. Order. analyzes the results here.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Most PVPers seem to want to play an uncharismatic race:

They’re also marketing their game as RvR and most recently, “hardcore.” A game like this is naturally going to appeal more to the people who traditionally play “evil” races in other MMORPGs. In World of Warcraft, it’s no mystery that Horde players fancied PvP more than Alliance.

So keep an Order class in mind, folks. We don’t want to be roaming in RVR looking for a fight all day because other groups get to the bad guys first. I’d personally rather play the underdog, even if I have to look cute to do it.

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Warcraft worried about Warhammer, copies new game elements

So Warcraft appears to be taking a page from the play book of Warhammer. Just go read this NDA-breaking blogger, Kenzi at Deathknight Info to find out. Chiefly the achievement system (check the first set of screen shots) appears to be alive and well on Warcraft.

If you browse the achievements, you get badges for winning WSG, AB, EOTS games. Not sure what the badges do, to be honest.

That’s kind of cheesy I think. But it shows Warcraft is actually concerned about Warhammer, and that’s a good thing. This does make me wonder, though, if Warcraft players are going to be complacent with the “innovations.” If many of them are holding their breath for Warhammer, will they stay with WoW becuase WoW is copying Warhammer?

I hope players can see through the smokescreen.

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