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Age of Conan Beta writeup on

Go have a read.

Age of Conan open beta glimpse

I personally don’t plan to buy the game. I heard the pvp system is guild based, and that’s not something I’m interested in. Conan’s rating is M for mature. Here’s why:

The game is definitely mature content on multiple levels, so anyone planning to play it should go in expecting nudity and graphic violence, along with quest lines that require things like the blood of a prostitute.

Now that would be interesting. Too bad I don’t have a screen shot.

If you’re playing AoC tell us how it is on the forums.

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Periodic Warhammer updates, and WAR guild system

On the off chance that anyone from WOW is reading this, I’m going to give occasional Warhammer updates, as that is the game the core group (Perle, Pylith, Huller and Organdonar) plan to move to. If anyone else wants to come with us to Warhammer, post in the forums here. Again, if you do not have a forum account, please register, but it will take a bit for me to approve it.

EDIT: We are planning on fighting on the Destruction side (it’s kind of like Horde). However, if it looks like Destruction is going to be overpopulated, we’ll pick Order.

Anyway, here’s an update on how the guild system will work in Warhammer:

Grab Bag

Cliff notes: Guilds must be started with six people in the group. Guilds can level, just like people, and they can level with PVP or PVE experience.

(For those who don’t know what a grab bag is, it’s a list of questions asked by the community that the PR person goes out and finds answers to. I liked the system in DAOC because it showed they were actually listening.)

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