The end of Fight on the Flag?

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It’s been a true pleasure playing with all of you. But logging into Warcraft has become more of a chore than a treat. I canceled my account a month ago thinking it was just going to send Blizzard a message and that I didn’t really mean it.

I was wrong, probably on both counts. Blizzard does not care about PVPers. It never has. Ever since the early PVP team left Blizzard to create Guild Wars, the PVE leaders took over the game. I am tired of forking my money over to a company that could care less about my business.

So the founders of this guild are going to play Dark Age of Camelot (Perle, Saaz, Pylith +Organdonar). We played this game together long before World of Warcraft was even thought of. Much has changed, but we want to have fun again. We need to have fun again. And it’s something to do before Warhammer Online comes out.

Is this a permanent change? Only time will tell. We might not like DAoC and decide to come back into WoW for a time. Thank you for being a part of the fleeting dream that was Fight on the Flag. Thank you for having so much fun with us. I really looked forward to logging in with each and every one of you.

You are welcome to stay in the guild for as long as you like. The guild will remain active.

If anyone wants to play DAoC with us, please post below. We are settling on the Albion/Gareth server in the Bossiney cluster. (Check for the guild Score of Lunatics.) Albion/Bedevere server in the Devon cluster (Check for the guild Legacy of Storms).

Three of us already have max level characters there. We are going to play stealthers because there’s only four of us and if we played visibles we’d need more people. On Alb/Gareth, because we won’t have to PVE as much to get to top level gear. I also have a necro to powerlevel people with (don’t ask unless you are already familiar with the game).

I also have some accounts that are not being used so if anyone wants to come, feel free. You won’t have to buy all of the expansions

(And no, you can’t have my stuff.)

Again, thanks for being a part of this wonderful guild. Fight on the Flag might not be around anymore, but its spirit will live on.


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