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DAoC update

For those who still follow this, here’s a quick update to our DAoC adventures.

Realm RVR as stealthers is lame on the Devon cluster. We go out and try to find people to kill and it takes at least an hour. There are no choke points because of the way the portal system works (You can portal from keep to keep to avoid the fights when you’re trying to get somewhere basically).

Instead we tried level 24 battlegrounds on the Devon cluster, which was a lot better. Fights were more frequent, but then you would run into the guy who had his guild farm an artifact for him (gear for level 50 players) and you could not kill that guy.

So now we’re back to playing on Alb/Gareth. We’ve leveled characters up to level 24 and are working on playercrafted suits of armor. I suspect we might be playing there this weekend, but with busy schedules it’s hard to tell.

I’ll try to put some screenshots up when we do get around to playing.

As for the next game, I am not sure if there is a consensus other than “anything but WoW.” Age of Conan, which comes out at the end of May, could be promising, however, it is guild vs guild combat. While I enjoy PVP, I think this would lead to more griefing than I am willing to put up with. Just like in Shadowbane, this would create monster guilds and alliances. It would be more about politics than PVP. We might just have to suck it up until Warhammer this November.

On a side note, one of our guildies from a long, long time ago saw me posting on the DAoC forums and decided to join us on Gareth. Welcome back Revvo! Good to see one of the old crew about.

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The end of Fight on the Flag?

EDIT: Forum discussion here. If you do not have an account yet please be patient as each one requires manual activation by me.
It’s been a true pleasure playing with all of you. But logging into Warcraft has become more of a chore than a treat. I canceled my account a month ago thinking it was just going to send Blizzard a message and that I didn’t really mean it.

I was wrong, probably on both counts. Blizzard does not care about PVPers. It never has. Ever since the early PVP team left Blizzard to create Guild Wars, the PVE leaders took over the game. I am tired of forking my money over to a company that could care less about my business.

So the founders of this guild are going to play Dark Age of Camelot (Perle, Saaz, Pylith +Organdonar). We played this game together long before World of Warcraft was even thought of. Much has changed, but we want to have fun again. We need to have fun again. And it’s something to do before Warhammer Online comes out.

Is this a permanent change? Only time will tell. We might not like DAoC and decide to come back into WoW for a time. Thank you for being a part of the fleeting dream that was Fight on the Flag. Thank you for having so much fun with us. I really looked forward to logging in with each and every one of you.

You are welcome to stay in the guild for as long as you like. The guild will remain active.

If anyone wants to play DAoC with us, please post below. We are settling on the Albion/Gareth server in the Bossiney cluster. (Check for the guild Score of Lunatics.) Albion/Bedevere server in the Devon cluster (Check for the guild Legacy of Storms).

Three of us already have max level characters there. We are going to play stealthers because there’s only four of us and if we played visibles we’d need more people. On Alb/Gareth, because we won’t have to PVE as much to get to top level gear. I also have a necro to powerlevel people with (don’t ask unless you are already familiar with the game).

I also have some accounts that are not being used so if anyone wants to come, feel free. You won’t have to buy all of the expansions

(And no, you can’t have my stuff.)

Again, thanks for being a part of this wonderful guild. Fight on the Flag might not be around anymore, but its spirit will live on.

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Premade fever

We did some guild premades Saturday and the group ranged from eight to 12 people. Not all were guildies (Hai2u Aryx and Xblue!), but friends of guild are always welcome here :) Don’t hesitate to ask to join us in PVP.

Anyway, we initially were going to just do AV. As a perverted test, I was going to see how long it would really take us to get into the other battlegrounds.  To my intense surprise, we got in near immediately to Basin:

The same happened for a few WSG games, and it seemed premades were back. Unfortunately we were fighting pugs the whole time. It made me wonder if Blizzard had stealth fixed it.

Alas, we queued for WSG again, and the timer climbed from 23 minutes to 38 minutes to more than an hour.

We didn’t take the queue, which to me explains why we had faced so many pugs in the previous games. Poor pugs. They’re still getting stomped by premades because the premades don’t like waiting an hour or more to kill people. Man, I really feel for those puggers…. Oh wait… Hmm.. This isn’t working…

You can’t expect me to feel sorry for them can you? I didn’t think so.

We went into AV to mix it up old school style! First we defended Galv, which always breaks up the Alliance charge.


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TGI AV weekend

Yes it’s AV weekend again. That means we can actually do guild premades with Preform AV Enabler. OMG! My hope that Blizz will change the premade system is dwindling. But let’s not lose our sense of fun in the game. Let’s maintain it enough until we can head to something else (but try not to over-hype the other game in your head so much that you’re disappointed).

Looking for some good participation this weekend. It’s been a while since some of you have PVP’d with the guild, so keep in mind that you must be on Vent, and you also must have a working mic to PVP with us. Communication is essential in this game.

See you out there!

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Thumbs up to new preform AV enabler!

I heard that the recent version of Preform AV Enabler had the ability to queue people for BGs other than AV. It does, but it has drawbacks. But at least it doesn’t take 45 minutes to get into a preform group.

We went in with eight people to start, and added a ninth. Unfortunately for that person we only did one BG because I had other things to attend to (like cooking a delicious salmon dish with a citrus reduction sauce).

Here’s what the window looks like for the leader:

Notice four columns with four sets of buttons. For us, we queued for WSG, AB and EOTS (as you can see). We had to drop AB and WSG before we all got into EOTS about 10 minutes later.

My personal opinion is Blizzard shouldn’t have screwed over the PVP guilds to begin with but we have to live with it. This is better than waiting 45 minutes to get into a bg.

If you are going to queue like this, you probably shouldn’t try with more than 10 people. The spaces available are far fewer comparable to group size than AV. If you try to get even 20 people into AV there’s a decent chance after a few queue cycles. If you try to get 15 into a 15-man BG, it’s probably better to queue as a group and wait the 45 minutes for a certain matchup.

But it seems queue times have gone down overall. Maybe it’s because of the daily quests. Or maybe the new PVE content. I really don’t track that stuff, but once it wears off people will be back to PVP.

This was taken when the AB queue popped above.

EOTS battle pics below.


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Getting our PVP mojo back

Now that 2.4 has been out for a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Less PVP in this guild that was founded on it. I know everyone is disappointed in the change, myself definitely included. But we have to move on and figure out how to overcome this.

Personally I have given up all hope that Blizzard will ever treat PVPers as equal to the PVE crowd. We are and will remain second class players in Blizzard’s eye. At the moment, many of us are biding time until Age of Conan (~October 30) or Warhammer (Nov. 2008) are released.

But why wallow in self pity for six months? Why not try to have some fun? What are our options with this new patch?


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Pirate Day a success!

In honor of a successful Pirate PVP Day, I am going to post the rest of this using the Talk Like a Pirate Day translator.

Aye, we first landed on the Isle o’ Quel’danas with our parrots in tow, and commandeard a ship in the harbor. Gar.

Ahoy, we feasted upon Sa’ory De’iate Delights and also installed the Pirate Speak mod. No screens o’ the talk in general chat unfortunately :( Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty!

Arrr, though I was the only wench aboard, the guys didn’t seem t’ mind. Thar war enough blood el’es around t’ keep them company. Gar.


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PVP with Pirates day!

EDIT: Better download link to pirate mod here.

Since the 2.4 patch we’ve had to be creative to enjoy ourselves as a guild in PVP.

I thought I’d combine our love for fishing with PVP. Today and for the past few day’s I’ve fished up about 100 Deviate fish and sent them to Xorena to cook Savory Deviate Delights. These fish, when consumed, turn you either into a pirate or a ninja. We are aiming for pirates.

To complete the pirate disguise, everyone should get a parrot pet from Booty Bay or farm one somehow, AH or what have you. Please also download the Talk like a Pirate mod from curse, here.

If anyone can think of other ways to make us more pirate-y, post on the forums. I’m aiming for Saturday afternoon for this event.

Hope to see you there!

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One good thing about the patch: AV Rocks!

Despite the massive shortcomings of patch 2.4, I have to say AV is awesome now. We all thought the horde would suffer because they moved our starting point back to near our base, but this is not the case.

Oh noes! PVP in a BG? Say it ain’t so!

AV battles are like those of old. One last night lasted 45 minutes. We would’ve summoned Lokhar, but the BG was too busy crying because Spitey took Snowfall Graveyard. So for now fellas, please download the new version of Preform AV Enabler. If we are going to be able to do anything as a guild, it’s going to be either AV or world PVP.

See you on the battlefield!

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If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

The 2.4 patch notes have really sucked for us all. The officers had a meeting last night and we’ve decided to leave World of Warcraft and find a game worthy of our talents. Since no game on the market caters to the PVP gamer, we’ve settled on the fast-paced MMORPG Puzzle Pirates!

In Puzzle Pirates, there is booty for the bootyless, tall ships and, best of all, drunken sword fights.

Grabbing some booty while in port, yarr!

So toss back a flageon of rum, wipe off your beard and yell ARRRR!!

Let’s continue discussion in our forums. Hope to see you in game, mate!

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