Arenas: build your own team to get more points

Heya, just a quick note. Our guild arena teams, if you hadn’t noticed, are just here to help people with no other outlet to get points. But I am finding that week after week, the teams are full. So full that we almost had to create another team.

Trust me, even if you have crap resilience you’ll get a better score if you’re on a team with five dedicated players. Preystalker, who has 43 resilience, is on 1500s teams in 2s and 3s.  My druid Kinare, however, has 213 resilience and the team is 1270 ranked. Ouch!

The point is, you need time to build synergy between players, and you really cannot do that if you have people jumping in and out for points.

Here’s a link to Blizzard’s Web site about arena teams.

Team Charters can be purchased at the following locations:

  • “King Dond” – The Ring of Trials in Nagrand
  • Steamwheedle Sam – Circle of Blood in Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Bip Nigstrom – Gadgetzan in Tanaris

The prices for team charters are:

  • 2v2 Team Charter – 80g
  • 3v3 Team Charter – 120g
  • 5v5 Team Charter – 200g

A final note, even the “good resil” team has challenges. It was also full last week, and it only reached a 1554 rating. My priest, Xorena, is on there, and she has 432 resil.

So get to it! Find people who can do arenas with you at the same time every week. You’ll get more points than being on a guild team that’s really just there for backup purposes.


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