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The rumors of PVPs death have been greatly exaggerated

The latest patch, 2.4, put in a code that makes premade groups wait for other premades. I do not disagree with this theory. The hardest fights are actually the most fun for me. However, the implementation was not so smooth. Currently a premade group is waiting 45 minutes to an hour to face another premade.

To <Fight on the Flag> members, this is completely unacceptable. So Friday, we staged a protest on the Isle of Quel’Dalas. Alliance were ganking, and one of our members called for help. We rallied to his call:

Corpses, corpses everywhere and not an Ally to kill. Oh wait! The bear!

Why wait 45 minutes to kill Alliance in a BG when you can go to the Isle of Quel’Dalas and kill them now? Well, personally I like killing people who want to PVP rather than random victim bastards, but we had to take out our angst somewhere.


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Patch 2.4 is live! PVP and fishing improvements

Some great changes for PVP and for fishing! Have a look. Fishing is below the fold.

Here are the PVP related changes, from the patch downloader, some bolded for emphasis:

– Diminishing returns on honor for kills is being eliminated.
- Honor will now be instantly calculated, and available for player use.

- Players that have the resurrection sickness debuff will be worth no
– Added new PvP daily quests that send players to Halaa and the Spirit Towers of the Bone Wastes. These quests are available for Alliance and Horde at their respective local quest hubs.

- Arenas
- Personal Rating: The amount a player’s personal rating can climb
above his or her team’s rating is now limited.
- The benefits of drinking out of combat have been delayed while in the Arena. It will now take four seconds before the full benefit of the
mana regeneration will come into effect.
– Queue times for arena matches have been reduced. Players will now be able to enter matches faster than previously.
- Shadow Sight now increases damage taken by 5% rather than dealing damage over time. Duration has been reduced from 21 seconds to 15 seconds.
- Players feared outside of the Arena (through the world or outside
the arena walls) will now be teleported back to the center of the
arena map.

- Battlegrounds
- If a player dies 50 times or more in a battleground, they will no
longer be worth honor for the remainder of that battle.
- When you first enter a battleground, messages about other players
joining the battleground will be linked together for the first
minute. You will see a message in AV like “28 players joined” rather
than a line for each player that joined. After the first minute, it
will work as it always has. In addition, all of the messages about
other players leaving the battleground and getting marks of honor
once the battleground is complete have been removed.
- Battleground Rune Buffs:Speed, Restoration, and Berserking buffs
received from battleground runes will no longer cause Stealth or
Prowl to break.
- Alterac Valley
-Captain Balinda Stonehearthnow Stonehearth can no longer be
interrupted, silenced, or have her spells slowed. In addition, her
water elemental cannot be banished, and does increased damage.
Vanndar Stormpike and Captain Balinda Stonehearth have had their
health totals reduced to match the health totals of Drek’Thar and
Captain Galvangar.
- Warmasters/marshals in Alterac Valley now increase each other’s
maximum health and damage by 25%. This is a stacking effect.
Horde players will now start the battle closer to Drek’Thar and
Frostwolf Keep.
- There is now a Join as Party option.

- Warsong Gulch
- When both flags are held, the flag carriers will receive 50% increased damage done to them after approximately 10 minutes and 100% increased damage after approximately 15 minutes.
- Flag carriers can now be tracked 45 seconds after picking up the


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Fight on the Flag: The Forums rollout

OK thanks to the help of some folks at The Safehouse, I’ve figured out some bugs in the system and our forums are now official.

Post to your heart’s content. Just keep in mind if you’re registering a new account that I have to approve it before anyone posts anything. Since I work it might take a while.

So have fun posting this Tuesday!

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Saturday WSG and fishing report

We had a rather impressive performance for the few games we played Saturday.

Y’all killed tons of people!

We also won pretty quickly too, with Kinare and Aahz running flags.

That’s some fast honor!

Finally we’re being noticed for another of our talents:

Nice catch, Chandra!

FYI My old car died, so I’ve been doing a lot of research to get a new (to me) one. My apologies for not being online very much.

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Welcome Bleeder as a new officer!

Ever since he joined the guild, Bleeder has really been about one thing: PVP. He’s been a leader for a while so it’s only fitting that he have the title to boot.

Thanks man! Now you’re an officer. I’m not sure what that means, other than you get officer chat (which we rarely use by the way unless we’re booting someone because they’re annoying).

Oh, and here’s a random pic of an AB fight we did yesterday when we had a 11/15 premade:

Notice LM under control and two more nodes under assault. We 5-capped that game.

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Warsong Wednesday a success!

First off, thanks to Bleeder for organizing this shindig!

EDIT: Read Bleeder’s awards for WSG including damage/heals/KBs.

When I got home from work, there were two spots left in the Warsong, so me and Stomples joined up, making it a full premade. During the time I was there, we only lost one game to a full, very geared, KT premade. But the next time we fought the team, we took the flag and protected it well, for we knew if we did well enough, they would give up.

We sent two rogues and a lolferal druid after the flag carrier, and they almost downed him. (They put up a mild assault as well but couldn’t deal with three paladins healing a geared warrior.) When our stealth team went after the flag carrier the second time, I noticed something peculiar about their team:

Bwak bwak bwak (chicken noise).


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Announcing: WSG Wednesdays!

Thanks Bleeder for taking up the torch on this one! He wants to start getting some PVP on for Wednesday nights. I thought I’d give you a day’s notice.

According to his post on our forums, He wants to start at 6 p.m. Central (5 p.m. server time):

A full premade can win a WSG in about 15 minutes. It’s good, quick honor if we can get enough people. Even with 5-6 we can have quite an affect in a BG that is 10 v 10.

I’m a pretty good runner with blinds, CoS, and double-sprints but it’s nice to have some backup runners as well

Thanks for stepping up Bleeder!

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Weekend wrapup

Even though it was AV weekend, we didn’t do much in Valley. Our groups of five to 10 people cannot make that much of a difference to the alliance zerg, and honestly, there’s too much AFK going on. I hate picking up the slack of AFKers. It’s too much work for not that much effort. Those of us who did brave AV took towers and graveyards in hopes of getting more than 100 honor per run, where we gained some fans:

We got bored and decided to try some world PVP. We’d never really done that as a guild before except for Halaa. Halaa was ours so we headed to Honor hold.


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AV weekend coming

AV weekend is coming up so please have Preform AV enabler downloaded and ready to go.

A reminder of how this works:

Step 1: Install and enable Preform AV enabler.

Step 2: Group with a guild group.

Step 3: Profi… er… Go talk to the AV battlemaster and sit there with the window open. You’ll notice to the bottom left of the window that there’s a button that says “Preform AV enabler.” If you click that, you can tell who has the window open or not.

Step 4: Wait. The raid leader should wait until everyone has the window open. The leader then pushes a button to queue everyone at the same time. Now, despite what people in general chat say (because we know they are all such experts), it’s not an illegal mod. Preform AV enabler is basically the same thing as everyone having the window open, and counting down on Vent and queueing at the same time.

Step 5: DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING! The raid leader has the ability to put everyone in the BG or to cancel queue. It’s also a good idea not to run off anywhere just in case you have to requeue. Remain in Vent. Hopefully the queues are not long.


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Fight on the Flag: The Forums

I said I’d never do forums. I was wrong. But if the forums are abused in any way, they’ll be taken away. This is a beta version. Please help me test bugs and such.

View the forums here: <Fight on the Flag> The forums

When I’m satisfied there will be a perma link here on the Web site.

Feel free to post suggestions on forum titles, catagories and user titles. I am incredibly new to phBB forums so please bear with me.

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