5v5 strats from pvpsource.com

For those of you who want to get a bit better at arenas, check out this 5v5 video from pvpsource.com. It’s made from an elemental shaman’s point of view.

In a nutshell, warrior stays on the priest to interrupt mana burns. While this is going on, you’re supposed to purge their buffs until the warrior builds up enough rage to kill something. Don’t cc healers in the beginning. CC the DPS. Then when teh warrior has enough rage, pop trinkets/bloodlust/PI etc and kill the warrior. After that it’s smooth sailing.

I really like pvpsource.com so far. They have some podcasts you can listen to as well. While they are 20 minutes long and are kind of boring, you can learn a bit about your class and how high-end pvp teams think.

The forums also provide constructive feedback for newb questions.

Edited to add more video links below. 

Sck from Team Pandemic posts a lot of videos on his site. A good one from Sck’s point of view. Sck is a paladin.

Also a good one from pvpsource from a 2300+ disc priest. Notice the use of pillars in all of these videos by the healers (especially the druid in the 2300 video trying to get away from the priest, about 1/3 through the vid).


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