The birth of Rule #7: No one under 18 allowed

Every rule is born because of someone. We decided not to embarrass him too much, so we’re not going to name him. But his constant annoying manner grated on many members of <Fight on the Flag>. As such, we did two things in his honor: created a new guild rank called “STFU and Level,” which silenced people of that rank.

The second is we created a special rule: Nobody under 18 allowed.

Screen shot proof below…

One of his many past times was provoking people into dueling him, and then crying that he wasn’t yet level 70 and saying he would “kik ur ass” when he finally did achieve 70. Pylith had enough, and decided to oblige. This special person got Pylith down to a whopping 85 percent:

The kid is 13. I think we exercised quite a bit of restraint whenever he’d show up and start being his teenage self. I have to admit, it wasn’t only his fault that we have this new rule. It’s because of all the other preteens who boldly came before him.

[I should add that he also violated Rule #4: he did not have Ventrilo and a mic. We are going to strictly enforce this rule from now on, fair warning.]

So now, nobody under 18 allowed. At all. If you are a month from your 18th birthday, that’s great. Send us an invitation to the party and we’ll invite you after we eat some cake.

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2 Responses to “The birth of Rule #7: No one under 18 allowed”

  1. There are some who call me tim Says:

    I think we have someone under 18 in the guild, cant remember who though

  2. Perle Says:

    Yes, however, he is the son of one of the other members. If he acts like a jerk then his father can beat him irl.