Guild arena team changes this weekend

For those not in the know, we have two guild arena teams for 5v5. Guildies can join the team if they cannot find their own team, or you can throw alts in there. The thing is, there’s quite a few people who are in the 200-300 resil category and quite a few more who just hit 70. So this weekend we’re going to shift all the people with good resilience to one team.

This is more fair to the people with high resilience, I am sure you can guess, because that way they don’t get in a sucky team that only gets 300 points a week. I’ll still have my druid on the newb team (she has 129 resil) and I’ll have my priest on the good team (420+ resil). It’s just more fair to balance it out. Best way to get on the “good team” is to get more resilience gear, and that means you should try to do BGs as much as you can.

Other than that, we do arenas when we have enough people on, and that usually means Sunday. Feel free to post questions on the new policy or ask Perle in game.


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