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Haste rating and you: Patch 2.4

(EDIT2: There are tons of other changes that were recently announced, including more pvp gear with haste rating. I am going to hold off on posting more reviews until we get closer to the patch. Long story short though, you’re going to have to sacrifice mp5 for haste rating it seems. Not sure it’s worth it)

We have no idea when patch 2.4 is coming out. But we might as well brace ourselves for the crap we’re going to have to do to be competitive in PVP. Throughout this post, I am going to talk about spell haste, because my main is a paladin. But there is also melee haste with the same values.

(EDIT: Haste rating also reduces global cooldown)

According to a post by Blizzard, haste rating is as follows:

Haste Rating: 15.8 rating grants 1 percent haste

Spell Haste Rating: 15.8 rating grants 1 percent spell haste

It is inevitable that we will have to pve to get pvp gear. Take these items for instance:

Complicated maths below.

With those two items alone, a player gets 56 haste rating which is 3.54 spell haste. What does it take to get these? Brace yourself, because there’s a lot of PVE in your future: 75 badges for the trinket and 60 badges for the cloak.

Side rant: What a rip eh? I can’t say I’m surprised. I have three characters that I’m trying to gear up (Perle, Xorena and Kinare). No way in hell I’m going to pve that much. I’ll have to pick one character and I’m pretty sure that’s going to be Perle. This also means that we’re going to have to help each other out. Warriors/druids will have to spec tank. I’ll gladly help pay for the respec for a few heroic runs this weekend. We have a couple of healers too, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

OK so aside from the cloak and trinket, what else can you get that doesn’t hit too hard on the resilience?

Gems. Quick Dawnstone, Forceful Talasite and Reckless Noble Topaz.

For my paladin, this means I have to cut down on the mp5 gems. I’m not so sure I like that. But let’s assume I get all of the new gems in yellow slots and try to keep my meta.

I use mystical skyfire diamond, which requires more blue than yellow gems. I would replace 3 of my gems (2 gems of 9 heal/4 int and 1 gem of 4 int and 2mp5) with a quick dawnstone = 24 spell haste rating. When combined with the above 56 haste rating I get 5.06 percent haste rating. My 2.5 second cast time Holy Light will cast in 2.374 seconds. If I use all eight gem slots (and get a new meta) for quick dawnstones (120 haste rating), I would have a total of 7.6 percent reduced cast time. My Holy Light would cast in 2.31 seconds.

But there are other haste items, and you can search for them if you go here on WoWhead. For a paladin, the items would be Lightbringer Belt (24 spell haste) and Lightbringer Treads (24 spell haste). If I wanted to whore myself out to a 25 man guild then I would have a total (with gems and the aforementioned items) I would have 168 haste rating and 10.6 percent haste rating, and a cast time on Holy Light of 2.235.

And to get those, I would have to join a guild that does 25 man instances. No thanks! I don’t have the time, and less than a 10th of a second reduction in cast time (PVP only vs PVP and PVE) is not worth it.

For more pvp related changes, visit PVP Source.

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4 Responses to “Haste rating and you: Patch 2.4”

  1. Tavarish Says:

    We should be able to do a few groups for heroics, we have more people now :)

    And I seem to be the only person replying to anything…

  2. Perle Says:

    I think you’re the only one who knows I post semi-regularly. But to your point, that’s kinda true. I wouldn’t blame the warriors or druids if they didn’t want to go tank spec for heroics.

    One other thing guildies might consider is going on PuG Kara raids during the week to get badges. Kara’s not that bad if you can manage to find a decent guild to go with. And if people need the key I’m happy to help with the quest. It sucks but this is what we must do for PVP. I hardly have time but I’ll do it because I want to win.

  3. Tavarish Says:

    Well, one benefit of going would be that I might finally be able to replace some of my other gear ;)

  4. Syven Says:

    Just a quick F.Y.I for the Karazhan piece, as of the latest 2.4 P.T.R. build, Karazhan no longer requires you to have the key to get in. It is only needed to open the front or back door.