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Perle’s guide to buying pvp gear for new 70s

So you’re a new 70 and you hate pve. What do you do? Well obviously pvp but what then?

I’ll tell you the most efficient way to get your gear. This guide assumes you have access to an arena team and that you enjoy pvp.

In a nutshell, my reasoning is thus: Get the best pvp gear you can as fast as you can. In order, buy your rings (2), bracer, neck, belt, boots and battlemaster trinket (if necessary) before you buy any gladiator’s gear. That’s what your arena team is for.

First off, the vendors for all but the latest two seasons of pvp gear are in the Hall of Heroes in Orgrimmar. Once you get inside there are several vendors. I will focus on two of them. First is Doris Volanthius, a blood-elf chick in the middle of the room:

She sells the items I mentioned above:

This is the paladin set but the premise is the same for all. Pay attention to the mark requirements as well.

At some point you also want to get your pvp trinket, the one that breaks you from all movement-imparing effects. Buy that from Brave Stonehide, to the left of the other vendor.

She also sells potions for marks.

The two trinkets are easily confused. One has a five-minute cooldown, the other has a two-minute cooldown.

See the difference? I hope so. Don’t waste your honor on the bad trinket.

As far as gladiator gear goes, don’t buy any until all of the aforementioned items are purchased. Yes, I know the 4-set bonus is tempting and the gear is slightly cheaper. But you’ll spend less time sucking if you buy this gear first. After you have bought all of this, fill out your stuff with season 1 gear.

Good luck, and for the Horde!

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