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To PVP in AB, or, how I learned to stop worrying and fight on the flag

Basin weekend is coming up and I thought I’d resurrect a very old guide I wrote about how to fight on the flag. Arathi Basin is perhaps the most frustrating battleground because if you go in there by yourself, nobody fights on the flag, let alone guards it.

A lonely flag

A lonely flag

Well, I’m here to help you learn to fight on the flag, the <Fight on the Flag> way!

  1. Out of the gates
  2. Guarding the flag
  3. Assaulting the flag
  4. Defending the map
  5. Ending the game


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5v5 strats from

For those of you who want to get a bit better at arenas, check out this 5v5 video from It’s made from an elemental shaman’s point of view.

In a nutshell, warrior stays on the priest to interrupt mana burns. While this is going on, you’re supposed to purge their buffs until the warrior builds up enough rage to kill something. Don’t cc healers in the beginning. CC the DPS. Then when teh warrior has enough rage, pop trinkets/bloodlust/PI etc and kill the warrior. After that it’s smooth sailing.

I really like so far. They have some podcasts you can listen to as well. While they are 20 minutes long and are kind of boring, you can learn a bit about your class and how high-end pvp teams think.

The forums also provide constructive feedback for newb questions.

Edited to add more video links below. 


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Weekend pvp review

It was Warsong Gulch weekend and we were awesome. We actually fielded a full team (guild only) twice over the weekend, and we had people on a wait list to get in.

Names blurred to protect the innocent.

We also did some AB to mix it up, where we gained a few fans:

But we wanted more variety, so we hoofed it to Alterac Valley.


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Focus targeting and you

The long-awaited guide to focus targeting and macros, written by Huller/Khaevil/Stomples.

First, in key bindings bind a key to:
Focus Target – will set current main target as focus target
Target Focus – will target your focus target as your main target


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Guild arena teams Sunday at noon server

Friendly reminder that guild arena teams are going to be at noon server on Sunday. If you log in and find yourself without a team, chances are the teams have already played.

I also switch teams for people from week to week, depending on resilience. We’ve had a huge influx of players so don’t sweat. You’ll get your points if you’re on at noon server :)

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$hamele$$ promotion

This weekend is sort of a downer as many of us have to work (booo!). But in that downtime, if you are leveling an alt (or your main for that matter), check out Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide. Yes, you pay for it, but it’s an amazing guide if you just want to level as fast as humanely possible. I’ve leveled two characters using this guide, and I am leveling a third (Starling, my warlock). It’s great, especially because Joana gives updates to the guide, even after the 2.3 leveling changes.

I also get a cut to defray the costs of the Web site and the Ventrilo server, so if you’re thinking about using the guide, click on the above link (or the side link) and I’ll get about half of what you pay for it.

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Cracking down on Ventrilo violations

To reiterate one of our rules: #4 Everyone must download Ventrilo and have a working microphone. The reason why is listed in the rules:

Guild leaders have played PVP games for almost a decade in some cases and are not used to reading to communicate with teammates.

For the most part everyone is pretty good about downloading the program and getting on Vent when we PVP (the only time it’s required). But I’ve heard all kinds of excuses for why they can’t talk/don’t have a mic:

  • My dog/cat/child ate my microphone last week
  • I have a cold
  • My computer is in the living room and I don’t want to disturb people

I am here to tell you the excuses will no longer fly. From now on, everyone who is going to PVP with the guild will have a working microphone and should not be shy to use it.

More harping below…


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The birth of Rule #7: No one under 18 allowed

Every rule is born because of someone. We decided not to embarrass him too much, so we’re not going to name him. But his constant annoying manner grated on many members of <Fight on the Flag>. As such, we did two things in his honor: created a new guild rank called “STFU and Level,” which silenced people of that rank.

The second is we created a special rule: Nobody under 18 allowed.

Screen shot proof below…


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Saturday pvp: AV, AB and Halaa

Obligatory opening quote (from AB):

We did quite a bit of Alterac Valley today, as it is AV weekend. Bright and early we started out competing for players in a premade AV. Honestly I didn’t like it much. It was like herding cats. People seem to think that they can join a premade and it magically makes them suck less. No. It doesn’t.

After reaching a high point of about 25 players, we had a few people leave, either out of boredom or frustration (we have long “turtle” games because we actually have fun in PVP instead of running like zombies to the end). Then we had the really cool people left, mostly from guild but a few who were not. At least I added a couple more to my friends list :)

And we also did some AB (one EOTS for the daily). We three to five capped each AB we joined, as we had about seven players.

Oh and we were up against a top-tier guild from another server (I forget which one). They had two rogues with Twinblades of Azzinoth.

But I look like Illidan, how can I still suck?!

But I look like Illidan, how can I still suck?! 


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Guild arena team changes this weekend

For those not in the know, we have two guild arena teams for 5v5. Guildies can join the team if they cannot find their own team, or you can throw alts in there. The thing is, there’s quite a few people who are in the 200-300 resil category and quite a few more who just hit 70. So this weekend we’re going to shift all the people with good resilience to one team.

This is more fair to the people with high resilience, I am sure you can guess, because that way they don’t get in a sucky team that only gets 300 points a week. I’ll still have my druid on the newb team (she has 129 resil) and I’ll have my priest on the good team (420+ resil). It’s just more fair to balance it out. Best way to get on the “good team” is to get more resilience gear, and that means you should try to do BGs as much as you can.

Other than that, we do arenas when we have enough people on, and that usually means Sunday. Feel free to post questions on the new policy or ask Perle in game.

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