A FOTF Guild Wars 2 PVP review

I had the great fortune of beta testing Guild Wars 2 this weekend with several current and former Fight on the Flag members. Unfortunately I did not seriously venture into the world PVP area until the last day of beta. This post is about the Eternal Battleground.

In short, three sides are fighting for dominance of resource points. Each side is represented by a single server.


Click to embiggen. The red pillar is a keep owned by an enemy team. A trebuchet fires a boulder behind me.

Here is a pic of a keep fight, but this does not do it justice. Smoke and fire were everywhere. Occasionally instead of flaming rocks, catapults throw dead cows (I tried to get a screenshot of it but failed). I laughed so hard I died several times to either dead cow juice (a big, green cloud) or to players taking advantage of me taking screenshots.

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Return to Warcraft?

Since December a small group of us has been playing World of Warcraft. I was very conflicted about even admitting it because I’ve been on the fence about whether to stay (truth be told I still am). I get the feeling we are only playing WOW because there is nothing better to do.

I remember the good things about WOW PVP with my guild. The way we could turn the tide of a battle, especially in Alterac Valley, has been awesome.

Summoning Lokholar is still as fun as it was the first time we did it.


(Click to embiggen)

It never ceases to amaze me how few people have seen Lok and how excited they get when he starts to rampage. I don’t think the Alliance even bothers to summon their Lok counterpart.

Our guild name is still very relevant.


One thing I do want to do is try to recruit more people to play with us. We have five active players with full PVP gear. We need five more for rated BGs. I always approach recruitment with a degree of trepidation because you have to wade through so much crap to be able to get to the good players. I feel it’s almost not worth it.

Now, on to the really, really bad.

The BG queues have been broken for at least a week. You can be in queue for 30 minutes and never get a single pop while others can be in queue for 5 minutes and get in. While dozens of players have posted about these problems, I do not believe Blizzard has responded to a single complaint. This concerns me but I am not really surprised. The last time WOW screwed with BG queues we all quit the game (remember patch 2.4? I do and it’s been three years).

As a result Saaz and I have preemptively canceled our accounts. I hope they fix this by March.

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Why Starcraft 2 is Firefly Online in disguise

I’ve enjoyed my time off from gaming, but I knew I had to try Starcraft 2 when it came out. One of the first things my husband introduced me to when we started dating was Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness. This started my love affair with Blizzard’s series of real-time strategy games. I have liked each of Blizzard’s RTS titles, from Diablo to Starcraft and the aforementioned Warcraft series.

Starcraft 2 is an amazing addition to the Blizzard RTS family. The graphics are top notch, and a huge, huge upgrade from the previous Starcraft.

But as I am playing the game, I cannot help but think: parts of this storyline seems awfully familiar. I’ve been having fun with it so far, replacing “Dominion” with Firefly’s “Alliance,” and Jim Raynor, leader of the resistance, for Malcom Reynolds, the pilot of Serenity. There is even a mission with trains!


Raynor kind of looks like Mal, if you give Mal a beard and about 20 years.

I saw Firefly and Serenity for the first time last year. I know, I know. I’m a bit late to the game considering the series came out in 2002. Busy people, no TV and a general lack of desire to even watch TV all contributed to this serious lack in my nerd education. I haven’t participated in passionate online debate about the meaning of certain aspects of the series, like “who the hell is Shepherd Book anyway?”

Once you leave the Mar Sara missions it loses the Firefly feeling. I loved the storyline and cannot wait for future installments.

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It’s a man baby, yeahh!! /sigh

Despite what some people think (even on Twitter) I am actually not a dude. Yes, the odds are stacked against me because so many people who play video games are actually male.

Now, even the internet has turned against me.


The analysis is based on the last 10 posts, and I guess I cuss a lot, and don’t talk about unicorns, kitties and babies.

As for my gaming life I am playing a lot of Starcraft II. It’s a fun game with a very detailed storyline. I may have a post about it soon, and I may not. I am really enjoying this time off, although I miss the friendships in my guild.

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Hey baby, wanna see my giant cone? *wink*

Hey get your mind out of the gutter!

If you watch Werit’s video of the King fight from the test server, you will see a cameo by our very own Grilar! We sometimes call him the traffic cone because he often dyes his armor orange. But in Werit’s video, Grilar became one of the champions (look for the huge orange engineer). I shall call him the traffic cone…. of doom!

YouTube Preview Image

Watch the video in high quality also.

The fight looks a lot more fun than previous city sieges. Even if you’re getting your butts kicked at least you get to be huge for a while. Read more on Werit’s blog.

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Warhammer patch Tuesday?

EDIT: It appears Mr. Belford was referring to a DAOC patch for today. Well played, Andy. Well played.

Just a heads up, the big Warhammer city patch might be tomorrow. From Andy Belford, hot off the Twitter presses:


Here is a link to the patch notes for 1.3.5 from the test server. The devs also saw fit to nerf the Bright Wizard spell Scorched Earth and the Sorc equivalent. IMO this only makes it harder for scrub BWs. The really good ones (such as the ones formerly in FOTF) never depended solely on Scorched Earth, although if a Destro jumps in the middle of three BWs while I’m taking a screenshot, I can’t take responsibility for what happens.

This doesn’t change my need for a break. This weekend was incredibly relaxing. I am playing a bit of Guild Wars, but it’s really low key.

I’m about 100 pages into a book I’m reading about human psychology and recovery from traumatic episodes (i.e. post traumatic stress disorder in combat veterans). No connection to the game of course, it’s just an interesting topic because I have a lot of family members who have seen combat.

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Perle cancels WAR… for now

This is not a ragequit post.

I’ve canceled my WAR account, which expires today. I need to take a break. I’ve got some super busy weeks coming up at work. I am not leaving for another game although I will be playing Guild Wars occasionally (which I might also post about). If I come back it will be sometime in June, July or maybe August. It’s hard to say at this point. I might come back to try out the city changes too. It depends on my schedule which is far from certain at this point.

I will keep blogging about Warhammer (just not as often, maybe once a week) and I will stay on Twitter.

For this site, I will be revamping a few things, like changing the category and tagging system.

Reasons I’ve canceled:

  • I am super busy at work. It’s budget season and I’ve been handed a special project to manage by myself and I’m really stressed out.
  • Some of my long-time gaming friends are also taking a break from the game (including my RL husband) so it seems this is a good time for me to take a break as well.
  • I cannot remember the last time I read a book cover-to-cover. I have a good list of books I want to read and it’s not getting done by itself.
  • I want to go camping this summer. Summers in the Pacific Northwest are beautiful and I really want to take advantage of them. I’m probably also going to visit Europe at some point.

If you want to see what I think needs to happen for this game to become more successful, please visit my previous post about the Top five problems WAR needs to solve.

So, what happens to members of FOTF? A number of players have jumped to Knights of the Sepulchre. Dilek is a great guild leader. They are a fun group to play with. I respect them a lot and I think if you go there, you will have a lot of fun.

Overall Warhammer was a fun experience, but it was only fun because of Fight on the Flag and its members. The players in that guild have been incredibly fun to play with. If I do come back I might not want to lead the guild again depending on my time. But I will want to reconnect with all of you.

Again, if you have not become a member of the FOTF Facebook page (sorry, current or former guildies only) please e-mail me at fightontheflag@gmail.com with your in-game name and I’ll send you an invite. I check that e-mail about once a week.

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Follow Friday: More WAR bloggers

Here are just two more WAR bloggers I’ve been following:

Very interesting posts all around!

Are you a former FOTF member from either Warhammer, Warcraft or Dark Age of Camelot (we were Legacy of Storms on Albion/Bedevere)? Please drop me a line at fightontheflag@gmail.com and I’ll invite you to our Facebook page. Include your in-game name and in which game you played with us.

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Forts + relics = amazing

All of us veteran DAOC players yearn for the times of yesteryear, of relic raids and Emain roaming.

Testpig posted an amazing way to add relics to Warhammer and utilize the dead fortresses.

I love his idea so much. Please watch the Youtube video. Trust me, it’s worth the nine minutes:

YouTube Preview Image

I like everything about this video.

  • Add influence as a main currency instead of the current system is a great idea because it doesn’t encourage one type of influence gain over another (ie. scenarios vs ORVR).
  • The underdog system in the video would be a great addition to the current underdog system (reduce guards/keep door health)
  • My one reservation: In Fortress attacks Testpig suggests that we add defender and attacker respawn points within the Fortress zone. I am not sure what to think of this idea, because when Order was underdogs at the beginning of the game we would often cut off their warcamp and kill stragglers. Testpig’s idea would work well if the realms were equal.

If Warhammer were to change to this or a similar solution I would have lots of hope for its future.

One question though, would Games Workshop flip out of this were to happen? I have no idea if this is against the game lore or not.

If you wanted to get into some of the minutae, Bootae has a few good ideas, also taken from DAOC.

EDIT: Werit thinks adding relics is a bad idea because it only makes the powerful realm more powerful. WARAyleen said relic raids were mostly alarm-clock runs anyway. Is nostalgia getting the best of me?

Are you a former FOTF member from either Warhammer, Warcraft or Dark Age of Camelot (we were Legacy of Storms on Albion/Bedevere)? Please drop me a line at fightontheflag@gmail.com and I’ll invite you to our Facebook page. Include your in-game name and in which game you played with us.

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Mythic gives props to FOTF blog

No posts in the past few days. Needless to say work is quite busy or I would’ve acknowledged this sooner (doing the work of people who have been laid off in addition to regular duties is very stressful, but I do still have a job).

Andy Belford posted on the Mythic site linking to various bloggers. He mentioned Fight on the Flag! Yay!

No insight today. Time to get back to my 50 hour-a-week job with one-hour commute each way.

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